The Alamo Orchid Society meets on the first Wednesday of each month at the San Antonio Garden Club, 3310 N. New Braunfels Avenue, in San Antonio.  The social starts at 6:30; the meeting starts at 7:00. 

Our meetings provide many opportunities for education, camaraderie and the enjoyment of all things orchid. Each month we have a different speaker represent one of the many facets of the orchid world, from professional growers to American Orchid Society (AOS) judges.

We encourage members to share their growing success by bringing their blooming plants to the meetings. At the conclusion of the regular meeting, resident AOS judges comment on each plant, offering insights and interesting background information.

Each meeting usually follows this format:

• Pick up your name tag
• Purchase raffle tickets for a chance to add a new orchid to your collection
• View the orchids in bloom brought by members for show-and-tell
• Discuss your plants with other society members
• President convenes formal meeting
• Program chair introduces featured program speaker; question and answer period follows
• Refreshments, conversation and a chance to look closely at the show-and-tell plants
• Discussion of the show-and-tell orchids
• Orchid raffle

The Alamo Orchid Society holds an annual auction of plants donated by members to raise funds for the Society. Traditionally held in October, this is the Society’s main fundraiser. Once or twice a year, the Society holds a potting party. The Society purchases plants, and resells them to members who pot them in Society-provided potting media at the meeting. Member enthusiasm often turns the potting party into a potting frenzy!

We hope you’ll join us at one of our meetings.