Monthly Meeting - Wednesday, May 6

Wed, May 6th
Lions Field (Broadway & Mulberry in San Antonio)

Mac Rivenbark will be our speaker.  Details to be announced.

Monthly Meeting - Wednesday, June 3

Wed, Jun 3rd
Lions Field (Broadway & Mulberry in San Antonio)

Join us on Wednesday, June 3, at 6:30 to hear Linda Wilhelm, owner of 
Woodland Orchids.  Linda is an accomplished speaker and really
enjoys doing programs for orchid societies and garden groups. She is an
accredited judge for the American Orchid Society, and is a recipient of
the American Orchid Society's Certificate of Education. She served 6
years as a Trustee with the American Orchid Society.

Details of Linda's presentation will be forthcoming.

Monthly Meeting - Wednesday, July 1

Wed, Jul 1st
Lions Field (Broadway & Mulberry in San Antonio)

Program to be determined.

Monthly Meeting - Wednesday, August 5

Wed, Aug 5th
Lions Field (Broadway & Mulberry in San Antonio)

Alan Koch is one of the most popular speakers--and hybridizers--in the orchid world.  The owner of Gold Country Orchids, Alan is an internationally known speaker, author, and expert in the cattleya alliance. 

Alan started growing orchids in 1969 with three cymbidiums given to him by an aunt. While in college, he became interested in other orchids and discovered many would grow outdoors in Southern California. He has moved five times as his orchid obsession has led to the need for more growing space. With the last move, he purchased 10 acres of land in Lincoln, California for his 300,000 orchids.

Alan is recognized as an expert in the Brazilian cattleya alliance and a trend setter in miniature cattleya breeding. He has been published in the Orchid Digest and American Orchid Society magazines and in the proceedings of the World Orchid Conference. He is an internationally known speaker.

An accredited AOS judge, Alan is a past member of the AOS Research and Judging Committees.  He served two terms on the Orchid Digest Executive Committee and Board of  Directors, as well as a Trustee for the AOS.

Monthly Meeting - Wednesday, October 7

Wed, Oct 7th
Lions Field (Broadway & Mulberry in San Antonio)

Program to be determined.

Monthly Meeting - Friday, November 4

Wed, Nov 4th
Lions Field (Broadway & Mulberry in San Antonio)

Our speaker this month, Brian Monk (and his wife Mary-Margaret) own Blu Llama Orchids, Inc.   

Brian started growing and hybridizing orchids in his backyard, but this has expanded to 4000 square feet of greenhouse space.  He will grow anything green, but focuses on his hybridizing projects, which include the development of multi-floral white and pink paphiopedilums, warmth-tolerant red Oncidiinae, and a standard pink cattleya with an all-white lip. 

Inspired by his orchids, Brian continues to pursue and perfect his orchid culture and photographic skills.  Brian’s photography has won awards online, in the 2007 Miami International Orchid Show, and at the 2008 World Orchid Conference.  Brian is currently a student judge with the American Orchid Society.